Miss Montserrat Nia St. Claire Preparing for Miss Jaycees Queen Show in Antigua

Preparations have begun for the reigning Miss Montserrat to compete at Miss Jaycees Queen Showy.
The pageant, which is scheduled for July 27th, will take place in Antigua at Carnival City, Antigua Recreation Grounds. Miss Montserrat, Nia St. Claire will compete in five segments which include Performing Talent, Interview and Evening Wear.
According to a statement from the Montserrat Arts Council, at present, Nia is undergoing preparations related to the show segments as well as partaking in refresher training sessions in key areas such as deportment and makeup application.
Creative Director of Fenyx Creations, Jo-Annah Richards, has been tasked with ensuring Miss Montserrat’s preparation, as well as acting as her chaperone. Sharlene Lindsay, Head of Planning and Production at the Montserrat Arts Council, is playing a collaborative and supportive role in preparation for the regional pageant. Nia recently completed a promotional photoshoot for the pageant and is due to complete the promotional video shoot shortly.
When asked about the preparations, Nia outlined that she is “excited and focused on doing my best to make Montserrat, myself and my family proud”.
Nia and her chaperone, Miss Richards, will depart Montserrat on July 23rd to participate in the pageant. The Montserrat Arts Council would like Montserrat and Montserratians abroad to follow Miss Montserrat and give her all your support and encouragement.
Learn more about Jaycees Queen Show here – https://www.facebook.com/missjayceesqueenshow