Music for Montserrat Celebrates 25th Anniversary on September 15

The 25th anniversary of the legendary Music for Montserrat Concert which was held at the Royal Albert Hall in London will be celebrated here on Thursday, September 15th, 2022.

One that day, 25 years ago, a fundraising concert happened at the hall in parallel to the one taking place in Gerald’s on the same day. This iconic concert raised £1.5 million which was used to build the Montserrat Cultural Centre in Little Bay.

To celebrate this anniversary the Governor’s Office, in collaboration with the Montserrat Arts Council, is hosting a free cultural extravaganza and all are invited to attend.

The event will be held from 4PM to 9PM at the Montserrat Cultural Centre.

A release from the Governor’s Office said, “warm wishes and support for the event have already been received from some of the original Royal Albert Hall celebrities and performers.”

There are plans to replay the original concert which featured Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Buffet, Paul McCartney, Sting and others.

Food and drinks will be on sale.