Awardees and Coach Scottie

GEM Sports Foundation Announces 2022 Award Recipients

The GEM Sports Foundation on Monday announced its 2022/23 recipients of the Scholarship and Mentorship Programme.

According to a press release, they received six applications, split evenly between males and females.

Kendicia Meade – Coach Jeff Lane

“We are quite pleased about the increase in female applicants this year and the overall diversity of sporting talents,” the release noted.

Two applicants have been awarded a scholarship valued at One Thousand Eastern Caribbean Dollars (XCD$1000.00), along with mentorship to support their sports, career and/or life aspirations.

Kendecia Meade, is a 14-year-old student-athlete at Montserrat Secondary School. She aspires to be one of the world’s finest female sprinters in the world. To date, she has received many sporting awards from local competitions.

Khamisha Duberry, is a 10-year-old student-athlete at the St Augustine Primary School and is currently in grade six. She is known to be a naturally gifted athlete who has a keen interest in progressing her sporting abilities.

Khamisha Duberry – Jeff Lane

Both athletes are a part of the newly established Track Alliance Club.

This year’s recipients were awarded their scholarships at a brief award ceremony on Wednesday, October 12, 2022.

The board of the GEM Sports Foundation expressed their gratitude to those who have been supporting their work and look forward to their continued support and donations.

Special congratulations were extended to the 2022 Recipients and their families.

“We are ecstatic about this year’s applicants and are further committed to advancing and contributing to the development of recognised athletic talent,” the release added.