How to Access a FREE Mammogram from Belmont Clinic in Antigua

By the end of 2023, residents of Montserrat are expected to be able to have access to mammography services without having to leave the island.
In the meantime, the Pink Ribbon Charity continues to facilitate mammography services with their medical partners in Antigua, Belmont Clinic.
Because of the annual support of the October fundraising initiatives, the charity can offer free mammograms to women in need.
The documents required are:
a) Doctor’s referral letter
b) Pre-mammogram questionnaire (provided by referring Doctor)
c) All patients must present a letter from the Pink Ribbon Charity Montserrat, Inc. stating that the mammogram is prepaid.
Patients are responsible for calling the Belmont Clinic on 1 (268) 562-1343 to book their appointment.
A receipt from the Belmont Clinic must be delivered to the charity by calling or WhatsApp – 664-496-7465 upon returning to Montserrat.
Email with any questions or concerns.