Cabinet Approves Airline Subsidy for Travel to and from Montserrat

Cabinet has approved an Airline Ticket Subsidy for passengers traveling to and from Montserrat.

According to the Montserrat Tourism Division, “effective immediately, travelers can enjoy a substantial EC$170 reduction in their airfares, making travel more accessible and affordable.

“Recognizing the importance of affordable transportation options for the traveling public, The Government of Montserrat has taken proactive measures to alleviate the financial burden associated with air travel. This Airline Ticket Subsidy aims to enhance connectivity, boost tourism, and promote economic growth for Montserrat.

“Passengers traveling between June 15 and October 31, 2023, will benefit from a remarkable EC$170 reduction on their base ticket fares. This reduction is applicable to individuals traveling to and from Montserrat during the specified period, offering a valuable opportunity to explore the island’s beauty, culture, and diverse experiences,” the division said in a release.

Airport and departure taxes are excluded from the subsidy. Passengers must consider these additional charges when planning their travel expenses.

Montserrat is served by:
1. Fly Montserrat:
2. SVG Air:

The Access Division, Office of the Premier, extended its gratitude to Cabinet for their approval and support of the Airline Ticket Subsidy. The Office also expressed appreciation to the partner airlines for their collaboration and commitment to making travel more accessible for Montserrat residents and visitors.

For further information on the Airline Ticket Subsidy or assistance with travel arrangements, please contact the Access Division at 1 664 491 3378 or via email at