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A swimmer runs to the changeover point of the last leg of the 1st Montserrat Triathlon Relay.

8 Teams to Compete in 2nd Montserrat Triathlon Relay This Saturday

The second Montserrat Triathlon Relay will see eight teams competing to be champion of land and sea this Saturday, July 29, 2023.

Organised by Coach Cordella Yearwood and the team at the Department of Community, Youth and Sports Services, the relay comprises four events: long- and middle-distance runs, biking, and swimming.

2023 Triathlon Relay Route

The first leg kicks off at 6AM in Salem from Desert Storm with a three-mile Long-Distance Run to Hilltop.

Another team member takes over for the 7.21-mile bike race from Hilltop along the main road, through Barzeys main road, to Yellow Hill Road, to Lookout up to Caricom Village and circling Lookout pass the school, hospital and down Jack Sweeneys road unto the Main Road, and ending in the vicinity of the Yellow Van on Carrs Bay.

The third team member handles the 0.70-mile swim from the Gun Battery in Carrs Bay. This route will be different than last year’s due to dredging in Little Bay for the Port Development Project. They will swim up to the bluff and then back to Carrs Bay.

The last team member handles the 2.20-mile run from Carrs Bay and around Little Bay town centre into the sports field.

Positive Vybz won the Challenge Cup last year.

This year they are back with two teams and will take on Outlaws,  Royal Montserrat Defence Force, Endurance Runners, RMPS Fully Loaded, RMPS Fully Active, and RMPS Reloaded.