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Top 3 teams with Governor Sarah Tucker

Positive Vybz Wins Montserrat’s First Triathlon Relay

Positive Vybz are the holders of the Challenge Cup after the first Triathlon Relay held on Saturday across Montserrat.

Organised by Coach Cordella Yearwood and the Department of Youth & Sports, the race involved a long-distance run, a bike ride, a swim, and a middle-distance run.

Acting Permanent Secretary Lyston Skerritt commended the department for continuing to create opportunities for community involvement. He said that the competition does have potential for growth and can become a significant draw to Montserrat for the August Monday holiday weekend. The department, Skerritt said, is also working on a female soft ball cricket competition in the coming months.

After a rain delay, five runners took off from Salem for a three-mile run to Hilltop.

The teams were: Outlaws, Team Endurance, RMPS Fully Loaded, Eruptian, and Positive Vybz.

The five-mile bike ride from Hilltop, through Barzeys and down to Little Bay was arduous for the riders with slick roads. Emergency personnel as well as a police escort supported the riders.

A crowd gathered on Little Bay Beach to cheer on the swimmers. There was support from Scuba Montserrat and other watersports lovers in kayaks and paddle boards to ensure the swimmers were not in distress. The police marine unit also supported.

Once the swimmers tagged their teammates, it was a one-mile race around Little Bay and into the finish line on the sports field that ended the relay.

Andrew Cole of Positive Vybz was the first runner to make it into the park. He was followed by Jermahri Meade of Team Endurance and Anisha Turner of the Outlaws was third.

Governor Sarah Tucker and her husband who are avid runners were on hand to cheer on the runners as they entered the park. The governor then handed out the prizes and medals during a brief ceremony.

Turner was the only female on any of the teams. She won a cash prize from Dwayne Hixon, and a treatment from Emerald Serenity for that accolade.
Patsy’s Cake Baking sponsored a cash prize for the youngest participant, Jermahri Meade.
Every team won a participation trophy. Team Eruptian which was fifth, and the RMPS Fully Loaded teams took home $1000 for completing the race.
Third place team, Outlaws won $3000 and Team Endurance in second place took home $3500. Positive Vybz received $4000.

TEAMS (Long-Distance Run, Bike Ride, Swim, Middle-Distance Run)

Team Endurance – Michael Clarke, Shane Caesar, Chase Buffonge, Jermahri Meade

Team Eruptian – Sanjay Prince, Terrance Bramble (Kamaya), Jay Steed, Corey Allison

Outlaws – Aidan Livan, Kenville Winspeare, Clifdel Ryan, Anisha Turner

RMPS Fully Loaded – Ethan Charles, Terique Thompson, Kelroy Huggins, Michael Celestine

Positive Vybz – Audley Hanson, Miguel McPherson, Varga Geronimo Sanches, Andrew Cole

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