Montserrat Arts Council Announces New Hires Ahead of Carnival Season

Montserrat Arts Council (MAC) announced Wednesday that two new roles have been created in the organization ahead of the upcoming Carnival season.

Jayesh Sadhwani

In a release from MAC, Jermaine Wade was announced as the new Interim Cultural Events Coordinator. Within this role, Wade is expected to plan, organize, and execute a range of cultural programs, events, and initiatives that support the mission of the MAC. He is responsible for developing and implementing event and programme plans, including budget, preparation and management, and marketing plans, among others.

Jayesh Sadhwani also joins the team as the Interim Marketing Communications Coordinator. Sadhwani will be responsible for crafting compelling messages that inform, educate, and persuade the MAC’s target audience about its offerings. The role of Marketing Communications Coordinator will play a pivotal part in ensuring MAC’s success by enhancing brand awareness and fostering positive relationships with our audience.

Both men will hold the posts for a period of five months effective November 1, 2023.

MAC’s Director Kenneth Silcott has welcomed the inclusion of Wade and Sadhwani to the MAC family and looks forward to their contribution in the promotion of the island’s upcoming festivals. “They are two up and coming young promoters with their hands on the pulse of our culture and poised to make their mark on Montserrat’s future direction. I am looking forward to their unique ideas and skills as we plan and execute our End of Year and St. Patrick’s festivals.”

Jermaine Wade

About Jermaine Wade

Mr. Wade is a former Member of Parliament who once held the post of Interim Head of Planning and Production in 2018. Wade was the Access Liaison Officer, Access Unit, Government of Montserrat in 2017. He is also the Chief Operation Officer of Fabulous Enterprise.

About Jayesh Sadhwani

Mr. Sadhwani is a recent Management with Marketing and Finance Graduate and the Founder of Marketing & Logistics at Chess Entertainment. Sadhwani is also the Director of Ashok’s Enterprises Ltd.