Dr Amsterdam at Prostate health Talk

Pink Ribbon Charity Teams Up to Host Prostate Health Talk for Men, Free PSA Tests Offered

The Pink Ribbon Charity Montserrat joined with DR Diagnostic Services to host its inaugural prostate health talk on Wednesday, November 1, 2023, to raise awareness about prostate cancer.

Alongside owner of DR Diagnostic Services, Raymond Samuels, doctors Ingrid Buffonge and Kevin Amsterdam provided information on the male anatomy, function of the prostate gland, signs to look out for that can indicate that something may be wrong, what men can expect at a prostate exam, and steps men can take to improve their health and overall quality of life.

All seats in the venue, Buss A Lyme, were filled. Quite a few men came on their own, while others were accompanied by their partners, and some came in friend groups. There was time allocated for questions from the audience, all of which the doctors and lab technician graciously answered.

MC Delon Searles, Raymond Samuels of DR Diagnostics and Dr. Ingrid Buffonge at the Prostate Health Talk on November 1, 2023. (Discover Montserrat Photo)

Dr. Buffonge outlined the importance of getting a digital examination done and expressed that while there are negative stereotypes/ connotations attached to this exam, we should try our best to dispel those and encourage men to get tested. Dr. Amsterdam assured that while the exam may be uncomfortable, it is not painful, and it is conducted in a very short time frame.

Samuels encouraged men to take a PSA test once per year to make it easier to establish a pattern of their usual PSA levels. This would help to quickly identify any change in a man’s usual range.

The consensus from the medical team was that while black men are the highest demographic to contract and die from prostate cancer, with testing, early detection, and treatment, this does not have to be the case.

Thanks to the Pink Ribbon Charity, 12 free PSA tests were provided for men willing to take up the offer. Should further investigation be required, the patient would be referred to one of the visiting urologists later in November.

In 2021, Pink Ribbon Charity donated to DR Diagnostic 15 vouchers for men who joined the annual breast cancer awareness walk to receive a 50% discount on a PSA test. The Pink Ribbon Charity Montserrat, founded in 2013, hosts breast cancer awareness initiatives every October. Through their Mammogram Fund, they have been able to grant hundreds of women access to free mammograms in Antigua.

Learn more about the charity at prcmontserrat.com.