Daughter of the Soil at Calypso Eliminations 2023

16 Go Through to Montserrat Calypso Semi Finals

(Updated) Kimari “Proklaima” Kirnon delivered a standout performance to claim the top spot after the scores were counted in the opening round of calypso for the 2023 Montserrat Carnival season.

29 singers performed in the five-hour show backed up by the Black Rhythms Band.

Proklaima’s Needs an Explanation is one of the most notable calypsos for the season. The song, written by Kaziba, raises questions about issues in Montserrat including the removal of security staff at the airport, the power outages, the sudden retirement of the police commissioner and other senior officers, among other hot topics.

Claiming the second highest score was former monarch Garnett “Sylk” Thompson whose song What’s On My Mind, penned by Thompson’s main songwriter, leader of the Opposition Paul Lewis. The song uses the loss of the popular ZJB Radio show What’s On Your Mind as the hook to discuss other political issues and cleverly asks the question if Montserrat is being run by the premier or the governor.

Coming in third was calypsonian and journalist Edwin “Red Ride” Martin, who stayed away from political issues in his song Mid Life Crisis. Instead, he took jabs at himself and his struggle with getting older. The witty song discusses the challenges of aging – insomnia, loss of virility, phantom illnesses and more.

Two newcomers, Patrick “Dardo” Duberry and Dr. Tiffannie “Daughter of the Soil” Skerritt made it through to the second round of the competition, scoring in the top 10 ahead of more seasoned performers.

Dardo’s song Fade Away. written by Cecil “Cepeke” Lake was popular with the crowd, most likely because he is well known. However, the song’s lyrics left much to be desired, as it limited a woman’s value to her attractiveness, did not express her choice in being able to choose whether she wanted to be physically jammed and rocked and fade away from emotions.

Daughter of the Soil confidently delivered Dignity for All, which she wrote. The song speaks of the need to end poverty, not only in Montserrat but for all nations. She also highlighted the need for collaboration and innovation to “eradicate the poverty dictatorship.”


Proklaima at Calypso Eliminations 2023

This year, the audience was able to track the scores in the park and online as the judges scored.

The hosts, DJ Lenny and Sharlene Lindsay announced the top score getters in order. There were two sets of ties in the scores. The final tie between Lazer and King Nattie Negus brought the final number for the semifinals to 16.

The semifinal round is slated for Sunday, December 17 at the Carnival Village.

The finals are slated for Friday, December 29.

  1. Kimari “Proklaima” Kirnon (587pts)
  2. Garnett “Sylk” Thompson (573pts)
  3. Edwin “Red Ride” Martin (546pts)
  4. Herman “Cupid” Francis (515pts)
  5. Patrick “Dardo” Duberry (504pts)
  6. Trevon “Trevvle” Pollard (490pts)
  7. Tiffannie “Daughter of the Soil” Skerritt (489pts)
  8. Silvina “Khandie” Malone (482pts)
  9. Davon “Rakatang” Williams (451pts)
  10. William “Dr Lumba” Lindsey (443pts)
  11. Maxcine “Maxcine” Lee (443pts)
  12. Kelvin “Tabu” Duberry (440pts)
  13. Maggie “Maggie” Destouche (435pts)
  14. Oswald “Ozzie Blue” Carty (431pts)
  15. Kenneth “Lazer” Greenaway (424pts)
  16. Kevin “King Nattie Negus” Farrell (424pts)