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Pink Ribbon Charity Successfully Hosts Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

The annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk took place on Saturday December 9, 2023. Although the walk was postponed in October due to inclement weather, the event did not suffer due to this, with a significant crowd coming out to support this worthy cause. The vibrant pink shirts created an amazing spectacle along the route from Look Out to Buss A Lyme in Little Bay.
Author Vanessa Farrell enjoying the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk.

Despite a full day of events across the island, walkers of all ages were at the starting point, Look Out, with many others joining along the way. Some persons opted to secure seats Buss A Lyme’s beautiful garden whilst awaiting the arrival of the walkers. The oceanfront view at the venue was another major attraction for those who were unable to join the walk but wanted to be part of this annual Breast Cancer Awareness initiative.

“The Charity is indeed thankful to all who bought T-shirts, which has helped with supporting the mammogram fund. T-shirt sales is currently the largest contributor to the mammogram fund,” remarked chairperson, Clinical Specialist Sonographer Sonia Charles. “It was also great to have a live feed, as always, from the ZJB team, supported by Kafu Cabey and a prayer by Pastor Shane McFarlane,” added Ms. Charles.
There were 200 people registered as walk participants and donations collected at the walk’s registration point in Look Out amounted to EC$540.00. Free water was provided at the end of the walk courtesy of the kind contributions of Deepak Supermarket, Silane’s Grocery and Aravin Enterprises.
The winners for the 21-Day Step Challenge were announced at the end of the walk. During the challenge, participants were required to make the daily minimum target of 5000 steps. First prize was awarded to Mrs. Arlene Ponteen who clocked a total of 775,440 steps. Miss Vanice Tuitt was the second-place winner, with a total of 614,488 steps and third place went to Mrs. Carla Lee who did a total of 571,311 steps. The Charity is grateful to Fly Montserrat for the grand prize of a return flight to Antigua.
Special thanks go out to the Royal Montserrat Police Service for escorting the walkers safely along the designated route, the Montserrat Red Cross for turning up in large numbers to be readily available should any participant need first aid or other medical attention and to Carmencita Duberry, Catherine Rodrigues and team, for the decor at Buss A Lyme.
The Pink Ribbon Charity Montserrat, founded in 2013, hosts breast cancer awareness initiatives every October. Through their Mammogram Fund, they have been able to grant hundreds of women access to free mammograms in Antigua. Learn more about the charity at