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Montserrat from the air.
Montserrat from the air. (Nerissa Golden photo)

Montserrat Diaspora Engagement Moved to July in Time for Calabash Festival

Montserrat Tourism Division announced today that they are rescheduling the Montserrat Diaspora and Investment Engagement which was planned for March.

A release from the division stated that the event, initially planned to be a precursor to the St. Patrick’s Festival “will now merge with the annual Calabash Festival, held during the vibrant summer season, with the aim of attracting increased participation from the Montserrat diaspora, friends of Montserrat, investors, and visitors. This strategic decision underscores the Government of Montserrat’s commitment to revitalising the festival, positioning it as one of Montserrat’s premier tourist attractions, while also fostering stronger connections within the global Montserratian community.”

Calabash Festival was initiated by members of the hospitality community to deliver a summer programme to attract visitors. It features a diverse array of activities, including a national lecture, fashion show, arts and craft exhibits, and a food fair. The festival culminates with PRIME – the Produced in Montserrat Expo (P.R.I.M.E), showcasing locally created goods and services.

Premier Joseph E. Farrell emphasised the continued importance of engaging with the diaspora in light of the date change. “While we recognise the adjustment in
dates for the Montserrat Diaspora and Investment Engagement, it is imperative that I reinforce the significance of engaging with our diaspora community. Our diaspora represents an invaluable connection to our heritage and a vital source of support for our island’s development.”

Director of the Montserrat Tourism Division, Rosetta West-Gerald, highlighted the opportunity presented by the additional time to plan a more robust event and
enhance the Calabash Festival as a tourism product. “The postponement allows us to strategically align the Montserrat Diaspora and Investment Engagement with the Calabash Festival, providing a platform to showcase the rich culture and heritage of Montserrat to our diaspora and international visitors. We are committed to leveraging this opportunity to plan an event that not only strengthens ties with our diaspora community, but also encourages individuals to visit the island during the summer with their family and friends.”

The office said it is thrilled at the opportunity to integrate the Montserrat Diaspora and Investment Engagement into the Calabash Festival, as it will deepen our commitment to enhancing communication, encouraging investment, and acknowledging the invaluable contributions of Montserratians and friends of Montserrat residing abroad.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the rescheduling and encourage everyone to follow @montserrattourismdivision or @islandofmontserrat on social media for more information and regular updates. If you would like to participate in the Montserrat Diaspora and Investment Engagement, the Calabash Festival, or P.R.I.M.E, please send an email to or give us a call on 1-664-491-4702/3.”