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Arts Council Postpones 1768 Production

The Montserrat Arts Council will be postponing the theatrical production ‘1768’. 1768, a theatrical treatment of the slave revolt that serves as the basis for our St. Patrick’s day festival, was carded for St. Patrick’s week 2017. The play will now be produced as part of the 2018...


Stilt Walking Workshop Coming to Montserrat

As part of its continued capacity building efforts, the Montserrat Arts Council will host a Stilt Walking workshop late February. Alan Vaughan will be the facilitator of the workshop. Mr. Vaughan is working with...


Annual Easter Music Workshop Closes

SALEM – The Annual Easter Music Workshop organised by the Culture Division of the Montserrat Arts Council came to a close on Thursday, April 16th, 2015 at the old Salem Primary School. The two-week...