Montserrat Arts Council to Host Virtual Exhibition in July

Artists, artisans, craftsmen and fashion designers are invited to participate in M.OV.E, the Montserrat Arts Council’s first Online Virtual Exhibition, where digital meets culture.
MAC said in a release on Thursday, that the exhibition “will go behind the scenes for an in-depth interview with the artist about their craft, followed by a live or pre-recorded visual presentation of their work for the online audience.”
Director of the Arts Council, Kenneth Silcott, said “based on COVID-19, the dynamics of culture have changed. Therefore, we at MAC must adjust to suit the present situation that we find ourselves in, as it relates to culture. In an effort to showcase the work of our artists and artisans, considering the fact that we’re unable to gather, M.O.V.E (MAC Online Virtual Exhibition) was born.”
“We are very excited to see the creations of our creatives,” he added.
Anyone who is interested in taking advantage of this unique opportunity to showcase their work locally and internationally, should register with the Arts Council by sending an email to or by calling (664) 491-8555 or 8556. All submissions should include artist name, telephone number and brief details about the pieces they would like to exhibit.
The deadline for registration is 12th June, 2020.