31 Ways to Say I Love You to Your Lady in Montserrat

Dear Gentlemen of Montserrat. We are sharing this post on behalf of the women of Montserrat who want you to step up this year and love them out loud.
We know it can be time consuming, baffling and down right awkward to figure out how to tell your lady she is awesome without sounding cliché or leaving her wondering what you are up to. Let’s settle this now. We will probably think you are up to something BUT that shouldn’t stop you from telling us that you love us and are happy to be with us.
Here are 31 ways we think you can pull this off, not just for Valentine’s Day but all year long.

Standard Discover Picnic on the lawn at Olveston House.

1. Handwritten Love Notes

Long, long ago and in lands far away, paper and ink were invented. Before there were SMS and Smartphones with apps for writing and messaging, men would tell their beloved how much they meant to them by writing long missives to extol their beauty and light. We won’t fight you that your letter isn’t 10 pages long. A brief note with your heartfelt words will do wonders for our day.

Bonus points for writing multiple notes and hiding them all over for us to find.

2. Text Messages

After you’ve sent the love letter (:D) random text messages saying what you love about her are also a great way to keep her smiling.

3. Radio Station Song Dedication

The late nights of Quiet Storm DJs with their deep baritone voices seem to have passed. However, you can still call the local radio station and ask one of the DJs to play a song for your lady.

4. Picnic at Home

Turn your living room floor or even the backyard into a picnic area for the two of you. Need some help to pull it off. Check out Discover Picnics and reserve a special event that all you need to do is show up, eat, relax and cuddle.

5. Shower Together

Ignore the fact that she likes her water scalding hot while you prefer a brisk cold shower. Meet somewhere in the middle and enjoy a shower together. She washes your back and you wash hers. Invest in a scented body wash you know she enjoys.

6. Finish the Honey-Do List

You promised to clean out the store room or repair the hanging cupboard door. Sort it. Whatever she has been waiting for you to take care of around the home, spend a day taking care of all of them. I bet you she will be appreciative. *wink wink*

Rumor has it: “Taking out the trash without being asked is a surefire way to get some action.” FB community says so.

7. Breakfast in Bed

You get triple points if you do this one on an ordinary day. It isn’t her birthday, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. Get up before she does and make her a breakfast she is going to love.

No good in the kitchen? Discover Picnics has got you. Order a Breakfast Box for Two which can be delivered to your home on Valentine’s Day.

8. Movie Night at Home

Time for some Netflix and Chillin’. Let her pick the movie and please try to stay awake. Don’t forget the popcorn and drinks for the both of you.

9. Send Flowers to Her Job

There’s something about receiving flowers with all our colleagues watching. Expect a text with our appreciation and some extra lovin’ later. (Unless of course we think you trying to get out of the doghouse without paying full penance. You getting close.)

10. Create a Playlist of Her Favorite Tracks

Does she like 70s music, R&B, reggae, or jazz? Put together a playlist with music that you know always puts her in a good mood and send it to her as an audio file she can listen to, or YouTube links to watch at her leisure.

We asked Basil Chambers of ZJB Radio to share his top 10 playlist for romance. Check it out here.

11. Dance Together In The Kitchen

Put that playlist to good use. Turn it up, take her in your arms and both of you enjoy a few moments of closeness. Think of a few things to say or just hold her close. (Ladies who don’t like hugs and dancing, appreciate his efforts. Say yes to the dance.)

12. Cook Her Favorite Meal

Here’s hoping that your dance interlude in the kitchen was happening while you are waiting for the spaghetti to boil. Too much? Aw come on. She loves it when you cook.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

13. Spa Day at Home

Do you know your ladies love language? If her language is touch then this one should go over really well with her. No need to go through a lot of expense. Have her take a shower. While you are waiting, change the sheets so they are nice and clean, get a couple of candles. If she has some scented ones, even better. You can use the body lotion she prefers. Just invite her to relax on the bed and rub in that lotion or oil.

Oops she fells asleep? Let her rest! She’ll remember what you did in the morning.

14. Book a Couple’s Treatment at a Local Spa

Feeling a bit clumsy and don’t what to do with your hands? Leave it to the professionals. Having a professional massage is also a way for both of you to be in the moment together. Montserrat has two places perfect for couples to enjoy a spa day together. Check Oasis Spa in Woodlands or Blyss Day Spa tucked away in Drummonds.

Enjoy a Spa Day on Montserrat

15. Send a Personalised Gift

Does your lady love quirky presents? Get her name or her favorite saying put on a giant sized coffee mug, personalise a key chain or necklace.

Check kZuri for gift ideas

16. Take a Class Together

The couple that learns together stays together!

Sign up for a cooking class or take an art class with Tabu.

17. Turn Gourmet Night at Olveston House Into Date Night

When last have you taken your lady out on a date? We mean in public where people can see you both and she gets a chance to dress up and sparkle on your arm.

Olveston House was voted as the Best of Montserrat’s Restaurant for Dining After Dark. Once a month, they offer Gourmet Nights. What a lovely way to spend time together, explore new tastes and be well fed.

18. Lots of PDA Please

PDA = Public Displays of Affection. We are here for that forehead kiss in public. Hold her hand as you walk on the beach, kiss her in plain view of your boss, the premier, your pastor! Don’t be afraid to let everyone know you think she’s amazing and say (out loud) I love you.

19. Do Acts of Service

We recognise that there are different ways to say I Love You. You being a man of few words can show it too. Service her car, pay for it to be washed, mow the lawn in her yard. (Ladies we know you know how to do it but let him!)

20. Do Errands Together

Little things mean a lot. Offer to run errands with her. Pretend you don’t notice she has to check three shops before she decides to go back to the first. Just enjoy her company.

21. Send a video with you telling them why you love and appreciate them

Put it on the record. We won’t get tired of playing it.

Rumor Has It: “Fulfilling her sweet tooth cravings has beneficial effects for you! ”

Stuck with what to do? Try our Dessert Box for Two.

22. Send them a voice note in your own words, sharing three things you love about them

Let’s help you out (I love your passion for life. I love how you can always make me laugh. I love the way you take care of our children. I love the way you encourage me. I love the way you make me feel like a King. I love that you are a great friend. I love how you go after your dreams.) That’s more than three. You’re welcome.

23. Give them a gift card for a store you know they love

Seriously. A gift card to a shop with a hefty dollar amount to spend as we like. You sure do know the way to our heart!

24. Open the Door for Her

Chivalry may be in hiding but it is not dead. We refuse to believe it. Open the car door, the office door, the shop door.

25. Bring Home Flowers

Yes we love getting them at the office and they matter as well when you bring them home and no one is around to see it but the both of us.

Check out Daphne Cassell and Claudia Skerritt for bouquets and floral arrangements for all occasions.

26. Both of you turn off your phones and spend the evening together watching a movie, or chatting

Make it a competition if you don’t think you can stay off your phone for ten minutes. The person who can last four hours without checking the phone WINS. The other has to do their bidding for 24 hours. *hee hee*

27. Couple’s Photo shoot with BOM VIP Media

Your selfie game is non-existent? Never fear. We got you. Our Best of Montserrat Winner for Best Photographer is the team at VIP Media. They can create a unique photo experience for the two of you.

28. Volunteer for a community project together

Get up early on Sunday mornings to walk dogs with the Montserrat Animal Protection Society or clean up a beach. Giving back to others always makes you feel good. Even better when done with someone you love.

29. Impromptu photo shoot

Put that fancy phone to good use. Turn on the time and set it on multi shoot and pose!

30. Invite her out to lunch

Package leftovers from home and find a quiet spot to enjoy it together during your lunch break. If that’s not your thing, take her out to her favourite spot.

Country Style Restaurant in Brades was voted Best for Lunch for take out and Summer Breeze in Little Bay was voted Best for Lunch if you are dining in.

Photo by Jack Sparrow from Pexels

31. Take a Mental Health Day

Do like Beres Hammond and both of you call in sick. Put on the playlist and enjoy the day together. We won’t tell the boss.

Above all, cherish the people that matter to you and don’t put off telling them how important they are to your life. Women like to be shown and told. Love is an action word!

What did we miss? Tell us in the comments.