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Sharlene Lindsay to Host D Culture Show for the Montserrat Arts Council

Media Personality and entrepreneur Sharlene Lindsay comes to radio this Friday for a new series called ‘D Culture Show.
An initiative of the Montserrat Arts Council, producers promise that ’D Culture Show’ will be entertaining while educating the public about Montserrat’s evolving culture. Engaging segments, games and guests are said to be part of the line-up set to make ‘D Culture Show’ different from traditional-style broadcasts.
Lindsay is a popular media personality and influencer. She is the host of Emerald Vibes TV on YouTube, and co-host of the annual Carnival Show with DJ Lenny. A consummate entertainer, Sharlene has competed and hosted the national calypso competition and the Miss Montserrat pageant. A serial entrepreneur in the making, she launched the iDiva Mas to bring color and energy to Montserrat’s carnival and now runs Just For You Baby Store, an online space for young and expectant mothers.

‘D Culture Show’ will air on alternate Fridays at 7PM, starting Friday June 4 on ZJB – Radio Montserrat, the Montserrat Arts Council and the Montserrat Festivals & Carnival Facebook pages. A special version for television will begin at the end of June on local cable.

Viewers will be able to comment and interact with Sharlene and guests during the show.
Head of Planning & Production, Vernaire Bass, remarked “We at the Arts Council are looking forward to the launch of D Culture Show. It’s something that we’ve had in the making for a little while now but we wanted to make sure that it was done right to fulfill the vision that we have. We want to have something that young people can enjoy and be informed at the same time. Personally, I’m excited to watch and listen and I know that those who tune in won’t be disappointed.”

Listeners and viewers are encouraged to send feedback, comments and/or queries to with “D Culture Show” in the subject line.