Oriole, the Montserrat Chatbot Now Live

Oriole is the name of the new Tourism Division’s chatbot. (screenshot)

Montserrat now has an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant developed by Eddy AI a fully automatic assistant chatbot powered by artificial intelligence to help travelers plan a perfect trip to Montserrat.

According to a release from the Montserrat Tourism Division, the new AI assistant showcases local travel offers and provides instant answers to frequently asked questions about the island of Montserrat. It is now available on the website (visitmontserrat.com) and Island of Montserrat Facebook and Instagram pages.

This digital assistant is powered by cutting-edge technology for Natural Language Understanding (NLU). Travelers can ask the AI assistant about different accommodation options, flights, things to do, visa requirements, popular tourist attractions, and many other topics. After receiving a message, the AI-powered chatbot automatically understands what people are looking for and instantly responds with relevant travel information.

Adomas Baltagalvis, Head of Eddy AI by TripAdd, says: “We are very excited to be working with the Montserrat Tourism Division. The new AI travel assistant is proof of Montserrat’s commitment to digitizing its activities and expanding the available services to tourists. The AI-powered chatbot will provide a unique way to engage travelers not only on the Visit Montserrat website but also on Facebook and Instagram. We hope we can help more people discover the wonderful island of Montserrat with the AI assistant.”

In building and customizing this chatbot especially for Montserrat, Rosetta West-Gerald, Director of Tourism commented, “This AI assistant fondly called Oriole after the iconic national bird, is timely and especially useful for us to provide quality after care service in real time so that customers always feel connected. Improving customer service is our priority and providing the opportunity to use the website as well as Facebook and Instagram as a one stop shop has always been a goal of the Tourism Division and which we hope will make the user experience more rewarding in planning their visit to Montserrat.”

She added that “working with the team at Eddy AI was in itself an experience, the team was knowledgeable and helpful and made the process easy.”

About Montserrat
Montserrat is a British Overseas Territory and is the only island in the Caribbean boasting an active volcano: The spectacular Soufriere Hills Volcano. Located in the Eastern Caribbean with a total area of just 39 ½ square miles, this lush green mountainous island possesses an amazing network of hiking trails and dark-sand beaches and exudes a natural beauty and charm that disarms the “been-there, done that” traveler. Fondly known as the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean for its resemblance to the coast of Ireland and the Irish ancestry of many of its inhabitants, Montserrat is the only country outside of Ireland to celebrate St Patrick’s Day as a national holiday. For more information on how you can enjoy a vacation on this stunningly beautiful island, visit www.visitmontserrat.com.