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Known as the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean, this gem has become famous for its dormant Soufriere Hills volcano. Since roaring back to life in 1995, Montserrat hasn't been the same. This tiny island offers many wonderful ways to relax and enjoy your holiday and time with family and friends. We want to help you discover them.

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Rendezvous Beach, Montserrat's only white sand beach.
Our Only White Sand Beach

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Credit Union Begins Major Renovation and Service Upgrades This Weekend

The St. Patrick’s Cooperative Credit Union will begin a major upgrade of its facilities and its operations this weekend. This morning, live on ZJB Radio Montserrat, accompanied by SPCCU Director Bertram Lee and Adrian Galloway of the Galloway Group, General Manager of the SPCCU Peter Queeley outlined a three-phase plan

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