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Update on Agriculture & Housing Ministry Activities

The Ministry of Agriculture, Trade, Lands, Housing and Environment (MATLHE) celebrated National Tree Planting Day on Wednesday 5th December. MATLHE also scheduled a Tour to assess achievements in the field, as well as, evaluate...


OECS / CXC-NotesMaster Montserrat Program Launched

The OECS-CXC-NotesMaster MOE Montserrat program was launched 26-27 November. The program has goals of introducing primary level teachers to new e-Learning technologies and increasing the repository of high quality learning resources available to stakeholders across the...


MS Osborne Opens Salem Branch

Montserrat’s oldest hardware store showed its confidence in the island’s redevelopment with the opening of a second branch in the village of Salem. As part of their 80th Anniversary celebrations, the new MS Osborne...