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OECS / CXC-NotesMaster Montserrat Program Launched

The OECS-CXC-NotesMaster MOE Montserrat program was launched 26-27 November. The program has goals of introducing primary level teachers to new e-Learning technologies and increasing the repository of high quality learning resources available to stakeholders across the...


DMCA Bolstered with New Comms Equipment

The Disaster Management Coordination Agency (DMCA) has received new communications equipment to bolster its resilience in times of emergency. Some of the equipment was on display at last Friday’s ICT Expo. These included satellite...


Finalists for #i2LPitch Announced

Nine finalists will compete for more than $15000 in cash and business support this Thursday at the culmination of the Innovate to Lead Boot Camp and Pitch Competition (#i2LPitch). #i2LPitch is a collaboration of...